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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of the panhandle near golden gate park. for the very latest bring in jean elle. what do we know this hour? >> reporter: we now know the san francisco police department dug a hole here and recovered some woen fragments. the focus is the yard right next to that greenhouse. sources say the bones appear to be animal, but the medical examiner is now taking a closer look at those bones. the san francisco police department, the fbi and the alameda county sheriff's department served a search warrant here at 7:00 a.m. related to the kevin collins case. the alameda county sheriff's department says they provide add cadaver dog for the search. construction workers say police dug a hole between two homes, removed some evidence, and then asked the workers to fill that hole in with concrete. kevin collins was 10 years old when he disappeared here. it was february 10, 1984, when he didn't return home from basketball practice.
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he was last seen at oak and mesonic talking to a man. that location is just two blocks from where they are now searching. neighbors say they remember the high-profile abduction 28 years ago. >> it was very odd that no one had seen anything or couldn't recall anything, and i think the neighborhood would be very happy to know the case is solved now. >> reporter: we do have some video from 1984 of the search effort for collins. the 10-year-old was one of the first missing children to appear on a milk carton. the case and child abduction gained national attention. here in san francisco police searched and posted flyers while they followed leads. collins was never found. now it appears there is a break in the old case. sfpd serving a search warrant digging a hole, and recovering bones, bones that are now being examined by the medical examiner's office as sfpd
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continues to search for answers about where kevin collins is some 28 years later. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. and it's a story with more highs and lows than a 49ers' comeback win. a niners fan hoping to see the big game only to be scam out of nearly $6,000. tonight she's feeling like a world champion herself. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live with details you'll only see here. hi, terry. >> reporter: her name is sharon osgood. she is a 49ers fanatic. when she saw the 49ers were going to the super bowl, she had to go, too. she put up thousands of dollars right into the hands of a con man. looked like she was going to be dropped for a major financial loss. then some fellow fanatics stepped up and, let's just say sharon is going to the super bowl. >> i was driving in my work truck and i had to pull over on
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the side of the freeway and my heart was literally in my stomach and i thought i was going to throw up. >> reporter: that was sharon osgood's reaction when she first learned she was a victim of a super bowl scam. she was out $5,900 to the man she had met on craigslist, a man she had grown to trust. >> now after four days of conversation, four and a half days, we didn't think that this was a hoax. who would go through all that? you know? i mean, really, if you were trying to scam somebody, would you continue text messaging, e-mailing, phone calling? >> reporter: she wired the nearly $6,000 to a credit union and expected an envelope. a couple days later it arrived via fedex but there were no tickets inside, just a picture of the two starting quarterbacks, a note that said enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. but after "the mercury news" covered the story, things turned around. the ceo of ticketmaster offered sharon four super bowl tickets for free and the 49ers added a fifth so everybody could go to the game. now that is a comeback that
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would make the 49ers proud. >> go niners! whoo! >> reporter: now sharon lives over in alameda county, and alameda county sheriff's department spokesman tells me that an investigator is on this case. as for sharon, she is, as of four minutes ago, on the road driving down to new orleans to watch her boys. live in dublin, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> all right, terry, thank you. driving to new orleans. very interesting. from the fans and tickets to the players. it got real interesting today. 5,000 media members peppering the 49ers and ravens. they called it media day. it's disjointed and it's mandatory for the players and sometimes it's actually newsworthy. like today. let's bring in jim kozimor now who is spearheading our coverage from the big easy. good evening to you, jim. >> reporter: good evening, raj. it was a lot of fun. day three here in new orleans as we prepare for super bowl xlvii.
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media day, a day players get a chance to let loose and let loose is what the 49ers did in their media session. take a look inside what went on the superdome. certainly staly was having fun, given a tattoo sleep by a member of the media. the only move is to slow off your kaepernicking skills, made popular by kaepernick when he kisses the bicep. and staly wasn't the only one having fun. >> okay. i was brought to the league to try to be a clone. we're in the superdome. guess what now -- i'm done. >> linebacker gooden showing his freestyle rap skills. he put those on display. there were some stories that were on a serious note, and we had to take a look at those.
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charges against michael crabtree for an alleged sexual assault were dropped last friday after the matter was reviewed by san francisco police today. crabtree spoke about having those charges behind him. >> i mean, i knew it the whole time but it was like something we had to deal with. i respect the system and whatever they had to do. >> -- before the championship game? >> not at all. i was disappointed, you know, in the allegation ts but at the same time i had to deal with it. >> so a lot of fun at media day today at the superdome but you always make some news. randy moss worried about his legacy, made a very strong statement about how people should view his entire nfl career. we'll have that for you later on in sports reporting from new orleans, i'm jim kozimor, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it looks a lot like the bay bridge where jim kozimor is
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broadcasting from. we have the largest team of reporters in new orleans covering this big event. we are going to talk about it. we're going to bring you the latest in every newscast. you can find constant updates online at new at 6:00, investigators believe it was a random act much of violence, a stabbing at a hotel in new hampshire that left a north bay woman dead. this happened last night at a hampton inn in littleton, new hampshire. police arrived, they found 70-year-old hutton inside the hotel. the woman had been stabbed multiple times in her neck and body. officers arrested a 37-year-old man right there at the hotel. he's been charged with second-degree murder. hutton went by the name kitty, was a trustee of a small school in new hampshire, a school she graduated herself from in 1960. tonight we've learned san jose police arrested two more suspects in connection with a home invasion/robbery of an elderly couple. a total of three men are now behind bars. here are their pictures. police believe they're involved in a three-day crime spree
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before last week's home invasion in san jose. in all of the crimes police say the suspects waved weapons, assaulted their victims, and then demanded money. in the home invasion robbery, the three men reportedly tied up the couple in their 70s and ransacked the home. police say they stole the couple's two cars which were later recovered. >> more needs to be done, the consensus after a joint legislative hearing on gun control at the state capitol today. a look at heavy duty fire arms today and heard testimony from gun rights advocates, gun control advocates and law enforcement officials. state senate leader steinberg says the hearing was meant to set aside some of the emotion and determine what reasonable steps could be taken to improve public safety. california has the strictest gun control law in the nation but both democrats and republicans have recently introduced a number of gun and ammunition control bills. more may need to be done.
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>> the real question is what are the options? what are the really reasonable alte alternatives that are available? and i think that's what this hearing today tries to address. >> some of the proposed legislation includes increasing taxes making it more difficult to reload weapons and extending existing bans to weapons purchased before current prohibitions took effect. today president obama talked about immigration reform and a pass to citizenship in the diverse bay area. immigration is not just a political issue but an economic one. the president spoke in las vegas but his speech was followed closely here in the bay area. nbc's kris sanchez watched the speech with immigrants rights advocates in eas san jose. kris, how did they receive this message? is. >> reporter: they were hanging on every word. all of it was very well received in one of the south bay's most vocal immigrant communities. as president obama talked about comprehensive immigration reform in las vegas, people were
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hanging on to every word in the sank we're of our lady of guadeloupe church in san jose including this mother who tells me she is here illegally after six tries across the border. after this speech she said she no longer thinks citizenship is just a dream. garcia is ready to come out of the shadows, as president obama put it. a volunteer acting together says families may not have to live in constant fear of deportation. >> the children, the children are divided. some children stay here with aunts and uncles. some of them are taken back. >> reporter: the chairwoman says they look forward to earned citizenship the president is proposing. >> there are millions of people who have endured brutal conditions to try to get here and then have come and been productive, paid taxes, and just want to be part of our america.
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>> reporter: the pastor of our lady of guadeloupe church traveled to las vegas to be in the audience as the president spoke and talked with us via skype. >> this is the story -- >> reporter: the devil will be in the details, but at least for now the faith and immigrant community likes what they hear. >> citizenship for people that are here and getting people back to work and with families. these are the things we wanted to hear. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants are not the only ones hoping for comprehensive immigration reform. 70% of latino voters cast ballots for president obama and that show is part of the reason many republicans are now onboard for that. >> i'm sam brock. talks heat up, did we forget what spoiled the entire process last time is this three words, pathway to citizenship. tonight's reality check, we take a look at the economic impact. also, change on the horizon.
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the father of a local teen who made national headlines talks about the boy scouts' potential change to its ban on down and away members. and while many of us will be cheering on the 49ers this sunday a bay area tech giant prepares the wires for the next stadium. we'll show you how. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a nice day out there. a lot of sunshine. temperatures dropping in the mid-50s for most of the bay area. and if if you're traveling to new orleans early, severe weather expected over the next 24 hours. details on that coming up plus our warming week.
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so why was the house targeted? that's a question that had oakland police asking the people of the house where a 7-year-old girl was shot and wounded yes. they did arrest one person who had an outstanding warrant and the police chief has called for swift justice.
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one councilmember says that's not enough. jodi hernandez has details from oakland. >> we have very limited information right now which is making it very difficult for us to solve this very, very heinous crime. >> reporter: oakland police descended on the house where a 7-year-old was shot during a drive-by shooting last night. they briefly detained six men and arrested one on an outstanding warrant hoping to figure out why the house was targeted and who the shooter was really after. >> we will catch the shooter, and we are coming after you with all resources possible and with deliberate speed. >> reporter: the problem is resources are thin. six people have been killed in the city so far this year. another 31 wounded including two police officers. police and city leaders say crime won't be tolerated, frustrations mount as things
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keep getting worse. city hall says it's time to try something new. >> declare a state of emergency. bring whatever law enforcement support you can. get on jerry brown to act. we have to get oakland back together. >> reporter: it's time to formally declare a state of emergency and get more help on the streets right away, even if it's short term. he's asked the city attorney to look into it. >> we can clearly tell you there wasn't a political will in the past to support it because it may have a negative impact. the reality is we're on the news every day. >> we have to do something about this situation. we're very concerned. >> reporter: betty farrell lives next door to the girl who was shot. she hasn't seen it this bad in the city. >> sit with your door closed and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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the search is still on for the gunman responsible for a drive-by shooting that injured four teenagers in a typically quiet east bay neighborhood. brentwood police released sketches of the suspects. the first is a sketch of the driver, a white male with white hair between 18 and 25 years old. this one is the passenger describes as a hispanic male also between 18 and 25. the drive-by happened on january 21st. the teenaged victims range in age from 13 to 16 years old. they were seriously injured but are expected to survive. police say all four were standing on the sidewalk near a home when someone drove up, asked about their clothing and started to shoot. they also say they have no reason to believe the victims are gang members or associated with any gangs. one family closely following the news about the boy scouts' policy change on gay members is the east bay family of ryan anderson. he's an openly gay scout denied the rank of eagle scout after
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completing all of the requirements. you've heard his story here. his story went viral getting nationwide exposure when he went on the ellen degeneres show. now three months after his parents supported him with an online petition the boy scouts announced it is re-evaluating its policy banning gay scout leaders. >> i think it brought it home to parents who saw their own children in potentially the same position and it was amazing how fast we gathered signatures on that petition. there's almost 500,000 signatures on that as of tonight. >> that's ryan's dad. the scouts now say they're considering letting each troop decide individually whether to allow gay scouts. ryan's family calls it a baby step in the right direction. >> okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and in a couple years the super bowl is supposed to be in santa clara. we just had this weather two
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years from now, it would be great, right? >> do you have a two-year forecast? >> a two-year forecast guaranteed, raj. we can do it back here in the weather department. a look at current conditions put on by the weather department. we've had in the past couple of days, it's 15 to 30 miles an hour, not quite as strong as it was yesterday but it was kicking up those seas from 8 to 12 feet but here is the thing. the wind primarily out of the northwest today is dissipating. the cloud cover is a sign of that warming trend beginning. around the past couple of hours, that cloud cover starting to dissipate from the north to the south and that's all a result of the northwesterly winds. warmer in parts of the north bay. 1 in santa rosa. 58 in concord and also plenty of mid-50s down here for the south bay. let's take you outside to our live hd sky camera network. you can see here is the other problem we're going to undergo the next few days. we had the haze with the unusually warm weather. there you can see that haze
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starting to fit in across the santa clara valley tonight and now let's take you up into san francisco. an incredible array of colors from blue down to yellow. the yellow is the pollution starting to build in the atmosphere. awesome sun rises and sun sets. your allergies will be suffering the next couple of days for this air quality suffering. for wednesday we will look at some hazy skies. a little bit of cloud cover throughout the day. temperatures in the 40s to start for the most part at 8:00 a.m. as we head throughout the middle part of the day, mid to upper 50s. then by 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the low 60s. slightly warmer there inland for wednesday's forecast. let's get you into the three-day forecast, sunny skies, wednesday, thursday and friday. some dry weather and potentially still a few 70s by thursday's forecast. we want to bring your attention to severe weather here in new orleans. a lot of people are heading that way from the bay area, maybe even driving in your car.
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know anyone who is driving or taking a flight, strong storms expected to develop very late tonight. also for tomorrow morning, right down here to new orleans. we talk about lightning, thunder, gusty winds. new orleans only a slight tornado risk. the highest risk will be throughout central arkansas and also northern mississippi. we'll have that super bowl sunday forecast coming up later on in the show. >> looking forward to hearing that. thanks, jeff. well, it is all about timing. ahead, research that shows if you're looking to lose pounds, it's not just what you eat but when you eat it. >> reporter: i'm scott budman at the site of the next 49ers stadium. coming up, the silicon valley company that just got the contract to make the whole thing wired. and a new lease on life for the locks of love program. what one city will do to keep the south bend tradition alive.
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it's been another good day for your money if your money is
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in the stock market and amroechg a record high a tech giant is moving the needle even higher. >> our business and tech reporter scott budman to give you the details. >> reporter: investors are optimistic and they've been dying stocks for month. we're now just 45 points away from 14,000 on the dow, about 210 points away from the al all-time high. these are psychological levels to be sure but signs of economic strength and we saw another sign from just this evening. the online retail giant says it got a big boost from holiday shopping this year and talk about optimism, even though amazon's earnings fell for the quarter, amazon's stock price jumped 9% after hours. reports can be cruel as shown by software company vmware. a plan to lay off about 900 employees. stock down more than 21% today. here in the bay area we're focused on the upcoming super bowl sunday. one bay area company is looking out a little bit further to a new 49ers stadium and a whole
6:25 pm
bunch of new technology. as the stadium of the future rattles, the technology on its way into the stadium hums. silicon valley networking veteran brocade chosen by the 49ers to wire their new digs has the task of creating the most tech savvy sports facility in history. >> because it's going to host all the services and all the technology that silicon valley has to offer. >> reporter: that's the chief technology officer dave stevens who says the goal is to make this stadium as tech friendly as your living room. assuming your living room can handle 70,000 football fans. >> so that means that you have to be able it to support everybody's mobile devices, people have to upload photos to insta gram, they have to get on facebook, they have to run instant messaging. they have to do all the things they can do at home. their expectation is they can do that inside the stadium. >> reporter: nothing like that has been done before. most stadiums just frustrate mobile users.
6:26 pm
now the 49ers want you to get a strong connection in the stands as the team has down on the field. but it won't be easy. >> when you think about taking that and packing it into a giant concrete bowl with 70,000 people accessing those services all at the same time, all inside that physical facility, it's a very, very difficult environment. >> reporter: if broe cade can pull it off, maps, streaming replays, and virtual men use will be as common as runs, passes and touchdowns. as for other companies trying to get the gig, the 49ers say there were other candidates. they wouldn't say who just brocade, not the biggest of companies, ultimately got the contract. >> a lot of pressure on brocade. what about jerry rice? 49ers receiver randy moss makes a bold, bold statement about his legacy, turning a lot of heads. we continue our live coverage from new orleans.
6:27 pm
also, confirming kerry. the senate cast its vote on whether to approve the next secretary of state. and i'm janelle wang. coming up, a grisly discovery in syria that added new fuel to the fire. and trapped alive. new details in the deadly fire in brazil. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet
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detectives spent the day and part of the evening searching the home on the 1100 block of mesonic street. they served a search warrant related to a cold case in the disappearance of kevin collins. cadaver dogs zeroed in on some remains under a concrete floor of the garage. now tonight sfpd is confirming based on a preliminary examination of those bones. investigators believe they are from an animal and not from a human. they say further analysis is necessary.
6:30 pm
collins, you might recall, was just 10 years old when he vanished in 1984. this was a case that shook the bay area and made national news. this video from our archives. sfpd has been looking for his remains ever since. the current resident of the home they searched today is not a suspect in this case. from budget battles to gun reform and now immigration, president obama outlines his plan to fix our broken immigration system. >> the president's speech comes one day after a group of bipartisan senators proposed sweeping reforms as well. >> the reason i came here today is because of a challenge where the differences are dwindling. where a broad consensus is emerging. >> the president is referring to a consensus perhaps among a block of senators but certainly not for much of congress. it still remains highly controversial like a pathway to citizenship. that's the topic of tonight's reality check. we bring in sam brock. good evening. >> reporter: the success and
6:31 pm
immigration reform will likely hinge on whether some conservatives and some democrats can stomach the idea of granting citizenship eventually to millions of people currently here illegally. a pathway to scitizenship will destroy american jobs, cost taxpayers big bucks and spur more illegal immigration, we say you'd better check your facts. across a group of eight senators, just kick started a conversation on immigration reform that's caught the attention of many from its most ardent supporters. to those who oppose any proposal creating a, quote, pathway to citizenship like veteran congressman lamar smith, who had this to say. quote, when you legalize those who are in the kcountry illegally, it costs taxpayers millions of dollars, costs american workers thousands of jobs, and encourages more illegal immigration. but are these claims true? let's dissect one at a time. first, would legalizing 11 million workers take away american jobs in the long run?
6:32 pm
we asked the author of the new geography of jobs who devotes an entire chapter in his new book to the impact of immigration reform on the economy. >> they're already here. they're already working. there will be some impact on the labor market but it will not be enormous because they are already in the market. >> reporter: they claim immigration reform takes away available jobs is largely untrue especially when you consider many of those jobs being discussed are low wage, low skilled positions which brings us to our second question. will future legalization of our immigrant population cost taxpayers millions of dollars or not? he says it depends on which part of the population you're talk ing about. those hikely to use government aid when eligible, yes. >> because they are more likely to be lower income americans than americans, the second time would be bad for the u.s. budget because it's going to cost
6:33 pm
money. >> reporter: but adding high skilled workers, which is also part of the grand proposal, will mean major economic benefits. >> increasing the college graduates and education abroad, increasing their numbers here, would be -- would increase jobs and salaries for less americans for a number of reasons. >> reporter: the claim of lost taxpayer dollars is partly true, but to get more perspective we questioned the former director of immigration policy and a think tank at berkeley law school. what evidence do we have that if we have a pathway to citizenship this would somehow be a huge albatross, a drain on american taxpayers? >> no evidence at all because while these people are on probation status, they're not eligible for any federal public benefits. >> reporter: those same folks will eventually be eligible for benefits if they wait at the end of the line for permanent legal status.
6:34 pm
that's a process that could take years if not denyicades or even longer. the point here is any drain on federal taxpayers from legalizing the immigrant population would take decades to materi materialize. the cbo when examining this issue in 2007 projected a $25 billion gain in the first ten years of legalization if a similar policy were pursued not a loss. as for the final question, will the proposal increase illegal immigration? it's impossible to predict future human behavior but government data shows there's been a net decrease in migration both legal and illegal the last few years. i'm sam brock and that is today's reality check. back to you. the senate overwhelmingly confirms five-term senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. the final vote in the senate was 94-3. after he's sworn in later this week he'll face a long list of global concerns including iran's controversial nuclear program, security challenges in north
6:35 pm
africa and the middle east and departmental changes in response to that deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. kerry is replacing hillary clinton who told a global town hall meeting today when she steps down she'll write a memoir about her years at the state department. mrs. clinton had also added she will not be addressing the 2016 election. another change to president obama's cabinet, transportation secretary ray lahood is resigning. the only republican still left on president obama's first term cabinet says he intends to remain in office until his successor is confirmed that will probably be another two months from now. he says working in the cabinet was, quote, the best public service job he's ever had. a horrific discovery in syria today. at least 60 people dead in what appears to be a mass execution. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our "world tonight." a body found on a river bank in the city of aleppo bound and apparently shot in the head. the victims men in their teens, 20s and 30s.
6:36 pm
it's not clear who shot the victims or when it happened but appears they were dumped in the river and discovered after the water receded. a commander of the opposition forces believes the men were executed by the syrian government. 30,000 have arrived in neighboring jordan just this month alone. today president obama authorized another 155 million dollars in hum humanitarian aid bringing the total to $365 million. the money couldn't come soon enough. workers at the largest refugee camp in jordan say they're running out of time and money and room. it's estimated that more than 700,000 syrians have fled their country since the uprising began nearly two years ago. over to egypt now, another country on the verge of collapse. that was the warning today from the country's top military cleve. the latest wave of anti-government demonstrations has left 60 people dead. the protests began last week on a two-year anniversary of the uprising that led to the ousting of former president hosni
6:37 pm
mubarak. greece has turned into outrage as thousands are expected to protest in the streets of brazil tonight demanding justice. this comes as new details emerge about the deadly nightclub fire which killed over 230 people. officials say the fire extinguishers were not working and there was a lack of emergency exits. many of the victims were trampled to death trying to escape through the one main exit. it's believed the fire started after the band set off pyrotechnics. two band members and two of the club's owners remain under arrest. venezuela's vice president provided an update on the condition of leader hugo chavez. he says he is upbeat about hits recovery. he underwent his fourth cancer treatment and has not been seen in public since. the vp did say chavez may return home soon. raj? >> thank you, janel. a graphic scene in the east bay after a gunman shot and can killed a man at a gas station in front of several people. that gunman is still on the
6:38 pm
loose this evening. it happened just after 9:00 this morning just south of highway 4. at one point a man claiming to be the victim's father confronted police demanding information saying his son was 20 years old. so far police have not identified the victim. investigators used surveillance v to track down the gunman to a vows less than four miles away in west pittsburgh. the s.w.a.t. team was deployed and surrounded the home but did not find the suspect. the family of a hairdresser killed last month is now suing the city and police department for $15 million. anthony was killed december 27th when officers say he charged them with a knife after a fight with his roommate. the family has filed a wrongful death suit against four members of the walnut creek police department alleging the 22-year-old was shot after officers tripped and fell over each other. the complaint does not mention a knife. they are asking for funeral,
6:39 pm
burial costs and a declaration regarding the officer's unlawful and unconstitutional acts. no stranger to winning. ahead our super bowl coverage live from new orleans with a look at the point 49ers' rookie who is on quite a winning streak lately. >> a new life for the love for locks program. we'll explain the key to ending a public safety controversy. and from veggies to dairy, a new report on the types of food most likely to make you sick. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center with increasing heat this week, that air quality will continue to be in moderate levels. curious about the 49ers super bowl forecast this sunday, new orleans, we are expecting temperatures in the mid-60s by halftime. in the dome, a lot of folks headed there, may not have tickets. outside the weather looks pretty good. hello?
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in health matters leafy greens like lettuce, spinach and can kale accounted for food-borne illnesses. the centers for disease control also says dairy products cause the most hospitalizations. poultry was linked to the most deaths. and despite these findings researchers say overall food is getting safer. okay. if you're looking to shed a few pounds, probably watching what you eat. are you watching when you eat? foo research out shows losing weight may be as much about timing as it is about what you eat. researchers found people who ate a bigger meal earlier in the day lost more weight than those who ate later specifically people who had lunch before 3:00 lost 25% more weight. the study found no difference,
6:43 pm
though, in the group's weight loss based on when you ate breakfast or dinner. more research needs to be done but planning your meals earlier in the day can't hurt you. >> 6:45 and i'm hungry for dinner. >> me, too. >> is that okay in our time frame? >> we're in trouble on all of the studies. what have we got, jeff? >> great weather. a lot of sunshine. who will hit 70 in a few minutes.
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6:45 pm
popular symbol of love, getting rid of dozens of padlocks over highway 17. the first of those locks of love appeared in august placed by a couple celebrating their 30th. since then lots more locks started appearing. now the city says they need to be removed because they could come loose and fall on a car passing underneath the bridge. >> i think it's sad, you know. how are they hurting anything here with locks? >> i think it's a shame. it's a big gesture, i guess. >> consolation, the museum of los gatos is building an exhibit where you can place your love locks. it will be unveiled on valentine's day. it will go on friday and stored at the corporation yard where people will be allowed to pick them up if you want to.
6:46 pm
>> let's bring in jeff ranieri talking about what the 2016 super bowl in santa clara. >> the pressure. >> let's just stick with this week. >> i'm going with sunny and 60s and the 49ers are going to win, too. yes, all right, a look at the coastal conditions right now. we've had these very gusty winds out here for the entire coast the past two days. it has kicked up seas from 9 to 12 feet and now we're still finding winds anywhere from 15 to 39 miles an hour off santa cruz. it's the northwesterly component today that has gradually helped to clear out that cloud cover throughout the evening hours and eventually will turn more easterly to help warm us up. get you outside of that sky camera network tonight and from san bernardino mountain to the bay bridge it's jostling around just a bit in that wind we talked about. that is eventually going to decrease that air quality and also let's take you down to the south bay. it looks like down there at the bottom of your screen, that's some of the haze and then up above we do have relatively clear skies continuing to persist.
6:47 pm
now what's going to get us to warm up and break all kinds of standard here for january is this monster area high pressure. i mean, this thing stretches for thousands of miles in the pacific. it's taking that storm track and pushing it right up to alaska so there is no hope of any kind of rainfall until about monday and tuesday of next week. for the next two days it's going to be hazy, it'll be sunny, and weather so great not only will you be able to get away with the shorts but maybe even the flip-flops in a few locations. scotts valley 72. santa cruz 70. los ga it tos may get into the low 70s by friday. say saratoga 69 and half moon bay 66. the south bay and the santa cruz mountains that will experience some of the warmest down sloping and offshore winds. that's where you want to go if you want to find the heat. we talk about this risk of severe weather for the southeast. if you are driving in a car, let's say, or traveling even to
6:48 pm
new orleans, we've heard that have already, some severe weather here tonight. if you know anyone heading that which, mainly, though, for tomorrow morning, that's when we'll likely have airport delays str strong thunderstorms and gusty winds that will likely impact new orleans. the highest tornado risk would be in arkansas. if you're flying into that airport watch out for some wild weather tomorrow morning. otherwise temperatures starting off in the 30s and daytime highs for tomorrow low to mid-60s with plenty of sunshine for wednesday. let's get your seven-day forecast in here. you can see as we head throughout the next couple of days we are going to find some incredible weather here across the bay a area and by this weekend, just in case you're not able to afford a $3,000 to $4,000 ticket -- why are you looking at us? >> partly cloudy skies. >> because he knows we can't afford it. >> that is expensive. >> the flight to get there as well. shall we go back to new orleans? almost 9:00 in the french
6:49 pm
quarter and this is the players' last night to stay out late. beginning tomorrow night, usually there's a team mandated curfew. it's not just caolin kaepernick and jim harbaugh, there's a lot of players responsible for the 49ers' success. let's bring in loren scott. >> reporter: you know he loves art, curling, and he loves this racky running back. he's really a great guy. watch the story right here right now. high school football star in texas and a heisman trophy finalist is a running back at oregon. now a rookie in the super bowl. james knows winning. he's been in major bowl games and starring roles and always seems to be in championship moments with successful teams. >> i'm really blessed to be in the situation i'm in. i got drafted to a great team and i was fortunate enough to
6:50 pm
watch for a long period of time just to get an understanding of the nfl. >> reporter: now he's in the thick of things, a key touchdown in the championship game in atlanta part of this journey to new orleans. something he is certainly savoring. >> it means a lot to work hard the whole season, training camp. it's been a long journey to get to this point we worked so hard for. it's not done yet. we're trying to get that "w." >> reporter: so much success so early you wonder where it all goes next. the heart of the story is a grounded guy who has always gained ground with great speed. >> all in all, the way the story has gone for you, living a dream this year? >> it is. and i'm actually still living it. i look at it like it's real. it hasn't hit me that i'm in the super bowl. i'm going to keep thinking that way so i don't get too overwhelmed and play stress free. >> reporter: all right. so keep an eye out and coming up we go deep inside media day. what does that mean?
6:51 pm
miss alabama whose claim to fame is she watched the bcs national championship game. now is working with "inside edition." we have mo rocca. we're just getting started. back to you in the studio. >> in front of the superdome there in new orleans. looks beautiful all lit up. it's not often we have an nfl owner who tweets and flexes. this is 49ers boss having some fun via social media. he tweeted 49ers players were jealous of how swelled up i am during the team pic, meaning big biceps. the 32-year-old york's parents own the team and has played a big role in spearheading the new stadium in santa clara. >> bigger is jim kozimor. he likes to cover it up all the time. hi, jim. >> there it is. >> this top is coming off.
6:52 pm
let's let it rip. all right, are guys, let's get rolling. randy moss has had had quite a storied career in the national football league. you could probably say the only thing missing is the fact he doesn't have the lombardi trophy in the super bowl clip in there. our mindi bach has more on randy moss and his place with the 49ers. >> reporter: it's media day here in new orleans when every single 49ers player and head coach jim h harbaugh spoke with the media we were able to speak to randy moss for the first time in several weeks after harbaugh says he would like moss back for one more year with the 49ers. no one knew what moss' future plans were until today. >> i thought about it. i do want to play another year. >> here? >> i don't know about that. now that i'm older, i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't think numbers. i don't think numbers stand because you talk about this and this. i think that i've had -- this
6:53 pm
year can has been a down year for me statistically. the year before i retired was a down year and in oakland was a down year. so i don't really live on numbe numbers. i live on impact, what you're able to do out on the field. i really do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever play the game. >> reporter: with all that he's accomplished in his nfl career, there's one thing randy moss has never been able to do in his entire football career that he says he's looking forward to after he does decide to retire, and that's experience a true football tailgate complete with all the food and drinks. in new orleans with the 49ers, mindi bach, nbc bay area. and more from media day. there's a lot of reporters asking an awful lot of questions to a lot of football players. larry grant decided to switch things up a bit. ahmed fareed has more. >> reporter: seeking out all the 49ers players. i have my friend, larry grant. mind if i ask you a couple questions? >> no, are not today.
6:54 pm
i think i'm going to ask the questions today, buddy. >> reporter: all right. be my guest. be my guest. >> i have a few questions for you, buddy. who is the ugliest person on the team? >> man, we have a couple of them. there's a handful. i'm going to leave you with that. >> larry, how are you doing, man? >> the most unattractive person is not me. >> without a doubt. >> without a doubt. dickson. you heard it. who has the worst swag on the team? >> the worst swag? i'm going to give it to a.d. >> 49ers media day, larry grant. >> reporter: thanks, larry. back to you. >> that was good. that was good. >> clearly fun and games on the 49ers side of things. the big story of the day came out of the ravens camp. ray lewis accused of using a banned substance. the ravens linebacker tried to obtain deer velvet extract to
6:55 pm
heal biceps. >> two years ago that was the same report. i wouldn't give that report or him any of my press. he's not worthy of that. next question. >> more of our full-blown coverage from new orleans later on at 11:00. more on the 49ers and media day getting you ready for super bowl xlvii. also the sharks at home and warriors highlights as well coming up tonight at 11:00. here from new orleans i'm jim kozimor, nbc bay area sports. all right, guys, how is it go g going? i'm excited. it's the super bowl. >> he's very excited. as he should be. >> are you getting enough sleep? >> i know. >> and that curfew -- >> i have not had a minute of sleep. i know. they'd better put me on a curfew. that's the only way i'm going to survive. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment.
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tonight at 11:00 more on our developing story. a possible break in the case of kevin collins. he's a san francisco child who disappeared 30 years ago. that's tonight after "dateline nbc." we thank you for watching. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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